Heroes: They Need Help Too

It is often forgotten that heroes can’t do everything by themselves and they need the help of others.  In Diablo III, the hero created by the player receives help in a variety of ways along their path to success.  Similar to the Diablo III hero, the monster was also created.  The monster however received no help or direction and evolved to be evil with his powers, making him the antihero.  With proper help and support like what the Diablo III heroes receive, the monster could have evolved into a hero for good despite his horrific appearance because he had a good heart, but needed help and support to become good.


The monster was doomed at the moment of his creation because Victor Frankenstein, his creator, was terrified of him.  It is important to note that the monster does have heroic qualities.  Some of these include “superhuman speed” and “his stature also, as he approached, seemed to exceed that of man” (Shelley 72).  On the dark and stormy night that the monster was created, Victor Frankenstein abandoned him.  This forced the monster to live on his own.  The monster had to live without a support system.   This then lead to many bad consequences.  One of the consequences is that he felt rejected.  Victor Frankenstein rejected his creation but also every other human that laid eyes on the monster.  As soon as he saw it, the image filled him with “breathless horror and disgust filled [his] heart” (Shelley 37).  Feeling rejected by his creator made the monster quite sad.  No one even considered that the monster had good intentions.  He was misunderstood completely.  In his words to Victor Frankenstein, he says “Remember, that I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed” (Shelley 73).  The feeling of rejection that he has leads him to seek revenge on Victor which ultimately makes him turn into the Antihero.  His thirst for revenge results in murders and other evils.  If Victor had taken responsibility and cared for the monster, there ultimately would’ve been a different outcome because he wouldn’t have been seeking revenge for the wrong that was done to him for no reason.  In order to be a hero, he needed help and guidance like the quests in Diablo III and also needed a companion to help teach him right from wrong.

Diablo III cover

The hero that the player chooses to play in Diablo III receives plenty of help and support which is why they are able to be so successful while the monster in Frankenstein was not.  The heroes take it upon themselves to destroy the evil that has penetrated their world and they are willing to do whatever it takes to complete their quest.  Quests are given to the hero at the very beginning of their story.  These quests that are given eventually lay down a path to follow.  Along the questing path, the heroes are given the opportunity to become stronger in a variety of ways.  The first way is that they level up in experience.  When the hero levels up they gain new abilities which cause them to deal more damage and they also get a stat boost applying to their stamina, strength, intellect…etc. depending upon which class of hero is chosen.   The stat boost makes the hero stronger than it’s enemies.  The Nephalem, also known as the player character and means angel and human hybrid or “mighty men” (Dictionary.com), also gets to choose from “three different followers: Kormac the Templar, Lyndon the Scoundrel, and Eirena the Enchantress” (Diablo III Wiki).  The followers help the Nephalem tremendously while progressing on the epic journey.  They help the Nephalem by dealing damage to enemies and offer unique abilities like “Heal” which “heals the Nephalem or the Templar,” “Intervene” which when activated “taunts enemies attacking [the Nephalem],” among other beneficial abilities.  (Diablo III Wiki)  The follow.  The followers also offer encouragement which is something the monster ever experienced.  Kormac the Templar says, “The Light grows stronger within you!” and, “Glory to you” upon leveling up.  It is obvious that the Nephalem is much more prepared for being a hero than the monster from Frankenstein.

The 3 followers in Diablo III. From left to right: The Templar, Lyndon the Scoundrel, and Eirena the Enchantress.

The 3 followers in Diablo III. From left to right: The Templar, Lyndon the Scoundrel, and Eirena the Enchantress.

Because the Nephalem has a good support system and has guidance, the Nephalem becomes a great hero.  The Monster has no support system whatsoever and has no guidance and becomes the Antihero and commits evil acts of murder.  If Victor Frankenstein had instead taken in the monster as his own creation and mentored him, the outcome would’ve been entirely different.  The Monster has super human strength and unnatural abilities which could have been used for good.  He could have been a valuable asset to the world if Frankenstein had not rejected his ugly but unique creation.  The monster cannot be blamed for his actions because it was not his fault that he was ill treated by Victor.  He was a neutral being born into the world and if he had just been cared about and guided, the monster would have been a hero that a good path and could have completed an epic journey like the Nephalems in Diablo III.

Han Solo and his epic sidekick Chewbacca.

Han Solo and his epic sidekick Chewbacca.

The bottom line is that heroes require guidance and support if they are going to evolve positively.  A good hero will often times be in the presence of a sidekick.  Some examples in today’s modern world are Batman and Robin, Han Solo and Chewbacca from Starwars, and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.  This relates to the Diablo III heroes because they get to choose a companion that follows them and helps them with the epic quest of destroying Diablo.  The Monster needed a side kick, someone who had the same goals and determination to do the right thing.  With a proper sidekick, he could’ve been the hero instead of the antihero.  Think of what you could accomplish in the real world with an awesome sidekick.

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Participation/Class Discussion

I think that I honestly earned a B at most for this semester in the Class Discussions and Participation.  I prepared my assigned readings thoroughly and always read the material on time.  I recall asking a few good questions and giving interpretations to readings, especially our discussion on Frankenstein.  I also helped my group mates frequently with interpreting readings outside of the discussions but still in class.  Thanks for a great year! See you on presentation day.

Diablo III – Rules for Fiction and 30 Minutes Non-Quest Adventure

Part I – How do the rules for fiction (in the handout) apply to Diablo III?

The rules of fiction apply to Diablo III in a variety of ways.  First of all, it is obviously a fictional story because it portrays and takes place in the beginning of the apocalypse.  The protagonist of Diablo III is the character that you chose to play because they are the “focus of the forces” at play in the story.  In this case, the character created is the hero because a mere mortal man defeats the end boss and antagonist Diablo.  In Diablo III, the Protagonist is a limited narrator telling the story in the first person point of view because the hero speaks as “I.” The advantage of this choice is that it makes the player feel as though they are the hero and saving the world personally.   This was most likely Blizzard’s, the author of the game, intent.  The style chosen makes Diablo III dynamic because the protagonist’s circumstances and outlook are definitely changing as the story progresses.  The structure of the narrative is comprised of Acts and Chapters.  The title is an important part of the relationship to the story.  Diablo means devil which happens to be the end boss that is killed in the story.  Diablo is responsible for the apocalyptic devastation and will ultimately pay.

Part II

There is so much to do in Blizzards hit game Diablo III.  Along the way of the main quest, I played 30 minutes just exploring and not following the quest.  During my 30 minute period of non-quest play, I decided I would explore Weeping Hollow.  It is an area right outside of Tristam.  I originally thought that I would have a hard time filling up 30 minutes of non-questing but I was very wrong.  First, I ran around killing undead zombies an collected gold and items to equip or sell.  I then found a Treasure Goblin and managed to kill it.  Treasure Goblins are somewhat difficult to kill because they move very quickly.  As a monk, I have the ability to teleport to my target which made it easy to kill him.  I also discovered “The Den of the Fallen.”  It was filled with things to kill and also contained rare mobs that dropped rare loot.  Some of the NPC’s killed were: Scavenger, Ezreth Skullcrusher, and Pann Raythe.  I started with 3055 gold and ended with 4704 which means I amassed a total of 1649 gold.  I also leveled up to Level 7.

Screenshots of my Journey:


Killed a Treasure Goblin and took his loot!


Entering the Den of the Fallen.


Killed Scavenger, a rare NPC.


Fought and killed Ezreth Skullcrusher!


Found another rare mob named Pann Raythe.


I reached Level 7 on my Monk and concluded my 30 minutes of Non-Quest Play.


What should be cut?

While much of the class may not have liked The Bug, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If anything, I think that the least liked book was The Passion of New Eve.  I think that one should be cut but at the same time, it was such an interesting book because of its shock factor and twisted story.  Maybe it should be kept because of these reasons because it exposes the class to new genres and a new style of writing that many would not have read if it was not for this class.  Regardless, I believe that it should be cut over the other choices.  I really enjoyed all the other readings but found PONE to be not so enjoyable.

Codeacademy HTML Coding Tutorial Chronicle

On October 31st, I participated in a Coding lab where we went through Codeacademy’s basic HTML coding tutorial.  Codeacedemy makes learning code fun, easy, and memorable.  It’s user interface is very clean and very aesthetically pleasing.  I made an account by using my gmail account but it offers many ways to sign up and get started.  This is the first activity that they start you with to learn the basic background of HTML.Image

Here, I had just completed the first lesson with ease! At this point, I was hooked and wanted to continue learning more code.




The next step in the tutorial showed us how to enter text.  I wrote “Today is Halloween.”  I also learned that typing <Strong></Strong> makes the text bold.






A cool feature of code academy is that it has achievements to earn.  They call them Badges.  Here, I earned “Max Streak Count of 1.”  It gives you the sense of accomplishment.



Codeacademy then taught us that every code bust start with <!DOCTYPE html> and <html>.




To write text in html, the tutorial showed us that we had to type it in between <html> and </html>.  The “/” shows that it is the end.  In this case, I wrote, “This is fun!”





The last thing I was able to complete in the lab was how to write paragraphs.  This is done by coding <p></p> inside of <body></body>.  Also included was how to do the title which is intuitively done by typing <Title></title> in between <head> and </head>. Over all, the tutorials were very fun, easy, and addicting.  I recommend this website to anyone and everyone.  You can start your own coding adventure by visiting their website at http://www.codecademy.com/.

Happy Coding everyone! 

Technology Challenge

Part one: Friday’s 10/25 Hourly Technology log

7am- My iHome Alarm clock woke me up at 7am.  I then checked my Droid Razr Maxx HD(phone) to see if my Girlfriend had texted me. Sure enough, she had texted me so I responded through the Text Messaging app on my Android.  I then got up and used my Philips Electric Shaver to shave the stubble off my neck and face.  Before I left the house, I made a cup of coffee using my Keurig coffee maker.

8am- Arrived at the VTA Light Rail after driving my Ford Expedition.  I browsed various apps on my phone and texted people the duration of the trip.

9am-On SJSU campus, I spent an hour surfing the internet on my Dell XPS 13 laptop equipped with an i7 intel processor.  To not annoy other people I used my Skull Candy headphones so only I could hear the sound my computer was emitting.

10am- No use of technology while in my Lecture.

11am- Responded to messages with my phone again and checked my email.

12pm-Took the light rail home and browsed apps again on my phone to kill the time.  Also read the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep using the digital copy on my phone.

1 pm- Used the Toaster for my bagel which happened to be my lunch that day.  When the food was ready, I watched Gaming Livestreams on Twitch.tv with my desktop computer at home.  After homework I used the computer to get my homework done and submitted online.  Various uses of my phone in the period again.

2 pm- Still used computer and Phone.

3 pm- Still used computer and Phone.

4 pm- Still used computer and Phone.

5 pm- Got off of my computer to eat dinner that my mother brought home and used my phone to text in between socializing with the family.

6 pm- Took a break from homework and rewarded myself with playing video games on my Desktop(Intel i5 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 660 ti Graphics card, 8GB of Corsair 1600mhz RAM, 1TB Hitachi Hard drive) at home.  During this time I used peripherals such as my Razer Naga(18 button MMO Gaming Mouse), Razer BlackWidow Mechanical keyboard, Turtlebeach x12 Headset and microphone, Skype to communicate with the friends I was playing with, and obviously the internet provided by Charter.  Also used my phone yet again during this time.

7 pm- Same as 6pm.


Part Two: Going without Technology

                Saturday was the day I chose to not use the same technology as I had Friday.  Let me tell you right off that it was extremely difficult to do.  As I woke up, my first instinct was to check my phone to see if I had received any messages.  Luckily I stopped myself before I did check.  2 hours into it, I felt extremely guilty not checking my phone and leaving my girlfriend hanging.  So I compromised and began using my phone and vowed not to use other technology.  This was a challenge too because almost all of my homework is done on a computer.  I used old-fashioned technology that we call pen and paper today and wrote out my Tweets for class that way so that I could at least start my homework.  I also used the time to study for my English 7 Module 2 test on Monday and my Kinesiology Midterm on Wednesday. By the time 4 hours were up, I was stuck doing nothing and I was forced to use my computer to complete the rest of my homework.  I completely failed because it was pretty much impossible to go on throughout the day without using technology.  I’m hardwired into the use of technology that going without it made me awkward because I couldn’t use my phone or use my computer to complete my homework.  This proved to me how dependent I am on the use of technology and I’m sure that other’s will experience the same if they went without technology for a period of time.  I feel somewhat shameful because I was not able to go the full 6 hours without the use of technology.


Part Three: The Effects of Technology

                The use of technology has a tremendous effect in my daily life in the way that I perceive the world because I rely on it very heavily throughout my day.  One effect is that by owning an Android Smart phone, I feel connected to people from a long distance.  This becomes extremely useful to me because my girlfriend and I attend different colleges.  She also has different school hours than I do and we work opposite shifts at work.  At her job, she works from 10am-4pm.  My job is from 5pm-9pm.  You can see by the complete flip flops of our schedules that it’s hard to see each other.  Then, when we stop using technology, it is impossible to communicate with her.  It honestly made me frustrated and annoyed.  My computer also is an integral part of my life.  I spend almost all of my time at home in front of it.  I either use it for homework or gaming.  When I didn’t game Saturday morning, it didn’t bother me too much because it is an activity to do in my free time and I was okay giving that up.  However, when I couldn’t complete my homework because it had to be done digitally, I became frustrated yet again.  The lack of technology hindered my production during the 6 hours by a large amount.  I can type much faster than I can write words with a pencil on paper.  The pen and paper method is extremely inefficient.  When the feelings of frustration, annoyance, and boredom combined, I found my mood was crappy and I was outright unhappy.  This changed my perception on technology because it shows just how valuable technology is to me.  I am definitely a techno-zombie.  I use so much technology during the day and I don’t even realize it.  Technology has become second nature to me and hard wired into my existence.